Skills Inventory for Health Care Leaders

To manage complex health care organizations, administrators must utilize complementary skills. Their responsibilities and demands are vast and require commitment as they fulfill different roles daily. Management expert Henry Mintzberg recognized this and argued there are 10 primary roles or behaviors used to categorize a manager’s different functions. The 10 roles are: Figurehead Leader Liaison… Read More Skills Inventory for Health Care Leaders

Did We Forget?

Another Veterans Day has come and gone. There have been some parades, some ceremonies and a few nice moments. The sun has set and the finger of attention has moved on to Thanksgiving, Christmas and the upcoming various holidays. It seemed like after 9-11 things would be different. Love of country and love of those… Read More Did We Forget?

One City’s Experiment Creates a Frankenstein

Lessons from a Learning Lab –The Experimenting Organization Part 3 “How insidious Nature is when one is trying to get at it experimentally,” said Albert Einstein. “Should our living laboratory just die?” said a Daily Camera editorialist in Boulder, Colorado. Einstein marveled at experimentation. The Boulder writer was fed up with it. In mid-July of… Read More One City’s Experiment Creates a Frankenstein