What Say You?

I’m in a quandary. Here’s why. Do the people in public organizations, especially at levels that interact with elected officials, have a responsibility to tell the electorate about the elected official’s performance while in office? While serving in the military, the answer was no. While serving as a director of a local government agency, I… Read More What Say You?

Quality of Community Life: Where It’s Best and Whose Responsibility It Is

Performance measures usually count the activities and efficiencies of government service. However, the bottom line in performance must account for the reason government delivers service: to make for strong communities. So while it is important to know how local governments compare in service delivery, it’s even more valuable to know where service delivers success. From… Read More Quality of Community Life: Where It’s Best and Whose Responsibility It Is

Bernt Out

The other day, I saw this sign. The group supports Bernie Sanders and third-party candidates who can prevent the “1 percent” from winning the election. I’ve been very patient with the revolution. In fact, I agree with Sanders on many issues. But the current argument that the Democratic Party is conspiring to prevent Sanders and… Read More Bernt Out

A Failure to Coordinate = Citizen Ridicule (Part 2)

Last month, I discussed Washington State’s legalization of recreational marijuana. The enabling legislation focused on state requirements for the licensing of production, processing and retail sales. It ignored the fact that these operations occur in counties and cities with their own ability to promote or deny such operations. The state’s failure to take a holistic… Read More A Failure to Coordinate = Citizen Ridicule (Part 2)