Student and New Professional Summit: Making the Transition from Student to New Professional

100_1866 This was a workshop to die for.  My only recommendation is that ASPA repeat this more than once at each conference and perhaps that ASPA provide a follow up workshop, a part two if you will, on the following day. 

These panelists provided great tips to students and new professionals on getting a job in the international market, federal government, a nonprofit organization, and understanding the concept of social enterprise.  Of the several tips provided at this event, the following tips caught my attention:

  • Find a school where you can find internship and volunteer experiences related to your career of choice
  • Network
  • Try not to compete with others for employment and just try to prepare yourself for the job you want
  • Learn something about fundraising and grants if you are looking for work in the not for profit sector
  • Keep up to date with the topics and new developments in your field
  • Continually attend seminars, roundtables, and discussions related to your field
  • To obtain federal employment join an internship program such as the Federal Career Intern Program
  • Learn and use the KSAs
  • Never give up

There was so much more covered at this workshop.  You really had to be there to truly get the information being offered by the panelists.  I really hope this helps those who were not able to make it to the conference and I hope that you guys voice your recommendation to ASPA National to offer more of these sessions at the conference.


Truly Yours,

Jose Luis Irizarry, MPA

President, MPA Student Association

John Jay College of Criminal Justice


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