Student to New Professional Summit Workshop

This event was my absolute favorite because it was active and engaging. I was excited to see first-time attendees and MPA students from different parts of the country. Jose, two other colleagues, and I attended the workshop. We actively participated in creating our own ten commandments of professional development like treating others the way you would like to be treated, planning effectively and taking action cautiously, and how actions are consistent with our values.

The conference was informative for me, in regards to my completion of MPA and my executive responsibility to the MPA Student Association at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I left with the afterthought from the facilitator that once we complete our MPA degrees, and venture off into the professional world, we will receive little guidance, so the most important strategy to obtain is to create your job and market yourself. I felt comfortable in an environment where people in the room were at the same level as I am currently in. I am still in the process of achieving my MPA degree and what better way than to gain the experience of networking and professional development. I enjoyed this workshop very much and would utilize the knowledge that I’ve obtained in this workshop.

Aaron M. Huertas

Vice-President & Treasurer

MPA Student Association

John Jay College of Criminal Justice


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