Is “Going Green” A New Fad or a New Way of Life?










The United States is constantly changing and new fads are constantly developing; however, is “Going Green” something that will completely play out or is it a new way of life for America?  Many organizations are becoming engaged with “Going Green” and making it apart of their professional development programs and day to day operations. 


Increased civic energy aimed at greening cities around the world has inspired the National League of Cities (NLC) to host its first Green Cities Conference and Expo, which will be held April 18-21, 2009 in Portland, Oregon.  This conference will focus on the unique knowledge and resources needed by city governments and will draw upon the experiences of cities around the world.  At the Green Cities Conference, the goal is not to just share ideas but to solidify plans, share best practices and create a network both of teams within cities and of peers networking across the country.


With the current state of the economy “Going Green” may not be a fad that will diminish easily.  Several companies and organizations are closing their doors because they can not maintain the day to day operational costs.  Others are cutting costs to keep their doors open such as “Going Green.”  Additionally, professional development organizations are finding that their members are increasingly asking for programs that discuss “Going Green” ideas.  With this being said, “Going Green” may be a lifestyle that organizations are forced to adopt in order to remain in business.


If your organization is thinking about “Going Green” or looking for additional ways to increase your initiatives, the National League of Cities Green Cities Conference is a great place to start.   


One thought on “Is “Going Green” A New Fad or a New Way of Life?

  1. The question can really only be answered with another question: What do you mean by going “green”?

    I hope that the fact we are talking about the environment with respect to managing our governments is not a fad, but the implementation is the key. If we are buying “green” goods instead of standard goods, that is one thing…which is what earth day seems to have become (a marketing tool). But what would seem to be more powerful in the long run for turning our communities green, is the rethinking of how our cities/towns are designed and where we work and live.


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