Public Administration Abroad

I received my electronic copy of the ASPA Bridge today and I was super excited.  ASPA is considering starting a new special interest section to unite Mexican & American Public Administrators.  This is wonderful!!  Public Administration is much larger than the United States.  You would not believe how huge of a discipline it is abroad.  Russia, The United Kingdom, China and Mexico are all countries that embrace the field.

However, although I do believe that a new section would be welcomed and fully supported, as I know that I have already submitted my name to be included, I am wondering should there be a section slated just for Mexican-American unification or would one benefit from having a section that focuses upon “International” unification.

Currently we have the Section of International Comparative Administration (SICA) and the Section of Chinese Public Administration (SCPA). Both of which have international focus. What I can see happening however, is the suggestion of new interest sections springing up everywhere, how about one for Africa, and Russia and the UK?  At some point this will become counterproductive, so my suggestion is, how about having one additional section and calling it the Section of International Relationships of Public Administrators and the focus can be on unifying public administrators from all countries.  An action such as this has a broader focus, of course, but imagine what it just may render; new members, new chapters and an expanded reach for the organization.

I would be the first to submit my name for inclusion.

Sure, I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂



One thought on “Public Administration Abroad

  1. The ever expanding horizons of Public Administration are defying the parochial viewpoints to limit administration under certain confinements. I agree with the suggestion by one expert to constitute a forum which can look beyound the geographical limitations.I can only add to ask for a comprehensive debate on PPA( Prognostic Public Administration) which I have been proposing for couple of years but till date has not been accepted. The premiss is simple, the future transformation of society in general will need humanitarian PA based on eternal values which need to be re-introduced into the system that
    is now undergoing economic and ethical meltdown.So let us evolve a system of administration keeping in mind the International arena to prepare a value-based data bank which can be built to inculcate values into the system of governance.


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