Mobilizing Public Partners to Serve the Public

As public servants, how do we mobilize our public partners to serve the public?  It isn’t a riddle – it is a problem that I run into frequently with my agency based work.

Here is my issue:  I work on a CDC funded program with my state Department of Health.  The program has a steering committee that functions as a governing body and also has several special interest work groups.  There are about 30 members on the steering committee who each belong to multiple workgroups.  Each of the steering committee members have made a commitment to the program and the subject area.

Overall, meeting attendance is low and momentum is lacking.  A focused steering committee could be mutually beneficial to the Department of Health and the organizations involved.  It seems as if the members of the steering committee don’t have the time – or aren’t making the time to move the program forward and impact the state.

My question is the following – in a fast paced setting – how do you mobilize public partners to serve the public good?  Any ideas/comments would be appreciated.


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