How Much Communication is Too Much?

Blogs. Facebook. Twitter. Websites. Linked  In. My Space. Text Messaging. E-mail Updates. Phone Calls.  All these new-age methods of communicating leads me to ask the question – “How Much Communication is too Much Communication?”

On some days, I would say I average about 30 e-mails between my personal and professional e-mail accounts.  Not all of them are – well – substantive but each relay an important message from somewhere about something.  After e-mail, there are several people I follow on twitter, local blogs I read, news sites I visit to stay up on current events, and friends I enjoy connecting with on Facebook.  I need a few more hours in every day to manage my communication.

As public administrators, we are responsible for keeping up with a fast paced environment being knowledgeable about current events and informed about the community.  With all these messages being communicated, I’m interested to know how others manage.


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