2010 ASPA Conference…Dara’s First Post

It is Thursday, April 8, 2010 and I am doing final preparations for my eighth ASPA Conference.  There is luck in the number 8 – so they say.  This Conference is going to be a great adventure and very informative.  I look forward to the many things happening in San Jose.  I LOVE that part of CA. 

In January of 2009, I had the opportunity to attend the ASPA Leadership meetings which were held in the Fairmont Hotel – this year’s venue for our conference.  This hotel is MAGNIFICENT – it has a heated pool on the roof, the rooms are great, the beds comfy and the service great!!!  All these things help to make a good conference a GREAT conference.  But I must discuss why we are really there: to discuss Public Administration – our successes for 2009-2010; the “live-in-action” work we are doing now as researchers, teachers and practitioners; and to develop our future plans for the organization and the field.

Paul Posner has been a wonderful leader and this conference reflects his absolute commitment to the field we all so greatly love.  His desire to increase our knowledge and expand our experiences are mirrored in the Honorary Chair of Norman Mineta, the 14th US Secretary of Transportation and the speaker John Berry, Director of the US Office of Personnel – just listened to him on C-Span radio yesterday – now I get to hear him in person.  The many sessions, workshops and of course meetings will all be a part of the leadership achievements of a wonderful year.  It has been an honor working with such great people on the leadership team, awesome members of the organization and of course the ASPA staff.  I hope that everyone has a great conference and enjoys themselves.  OH YES – there are some great receptions planned as well.  I will blog for the next few days so look for my updates from sunny San Jose!!!!


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