In Sunny San Jose…from Dara Baldwin

Well I arrived here in Sunny San Jose on a plane full of ASPA members as well as Tom Liou, ASPA’s newly elected Vice President.  There were 12 of us on the plane from Dallas, TX to CA and we were all excited about “finding our way to San Jose”.  Dwight Vick, one of this year’s Co-Chairs for the conference was also on the flight. I have known him for years and we had a great conversation about some of the events happening here at the conference. 

The Fairmont is beautiful, the rooms are spacious and the beds are comfortable.  I arrived early evening here in CA but my body and mind was still on EDT so I was tired, but I met up with my roomie Claire Mostrel – SIG # 2 Vice Chair.  We had a great dinner with some ASPA friends/family members at one of the many restaurants on the row behind the hotel.  It was a great first night.

Day one of  the ASPA Conference was April 9th for me.  The morning was slow.  I had an opportunity to take a nice walk around the hotel and see some of the sights then went to the pool for some water exercises.  Then I went to the lovely bakery next door and ran into Paul Posner, ASPA’s President; Rex Facer, Finance Chair and Steve Condrey, another great leader in ASPA.  Meetings started at 10:45 am for me and it was a world wind of great information, discussion and reporting on the work of the dedicated volunteers and the excellent ASPA staff. All of the Strategic Imperative Groups held their meetings and they reported out on success for 2009-2010 and set the plan for the “next steps” for 2010-2011.  SIG # 3 is very proud of one success.  They are working with SIG # 5 to get a Student Representative on the National Council. The first student member is Jose Luis Irizarry who is currently a Rutgers University PHD student in the SPAA program on the Newark campus.  The night was great as I had another great dinner with more ASPA friends/family.  This is Dara signing off until my next blog from Silicon Valley.


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