2010 ASPA Conference – Dara’s Post # 4

Well the day started at 7:00am yet again!!  But no complaints.   The Board Presidents/Chapter Chairs and President Paul Posner had a meeting. We had a meeting to discuss the plans for interaction with ASPA chapter chairs/presidents across the country.  Paul has some ideas and will work on this as Past President in the coming year.

The next meeting was the SWPA Membership meeting where we discussed the year’s work, remembered those who have passed, discussed the SWPA events, sessions and booth work as well as voted on our ballot. SWPA has several members who are presenting at this conference and SWPA has sponsored several sessions that increase the views of women. 

I attended the 2011 Leadership meeting hosted by ASPA President-Elect, Meredith Newman. I attended in the same capacity as yesterday’s meeting and will work closely with the Baltimore Chapter for the 2011 Conference. Next year’s conference theme is “Public Administration without Borders” and will be held at the Renaissance Haborplace Hotel in Baltimore, MD – March 11-15, 2011. There will be a huge international involvement as well as more exciting, informative and invigorating sessions.

The Gloria Hobson Nordin Social Equity Award Luncheon was held directly after the Leadership meeting.  This year was the first time that the Section on Democracy and Social Justice – which I am a member of – presented an award.  The Outstanding Foster Parents Award was given to Roger and Corinne Vogel who have had over 118 foster children for the past 20 years. This year’s award recipient was Alvin Brooks a community activist from Kansas City, MO who had an outstanding and innovative career as Police Officer, Assistant City Manager and then started the Ad Hoc group against crime.  In 1990 President Bush went to Kansas City and designated him one of America’s “Thousand Points of Light”.  Mr. Brooks gave a wonderful speech about having faith and being honest about the work we do as public servants. 

In the afternoon, I attended a session titled “Implications of Health Care Reform for Public Administration”.  I worked 20 years in Healthcare Administration in multiple positions and this reform bill is of great intrigue to me as a Public Administrator. This was an exciting discussion about the new legislation and the implementation for the government, private sector as well as public servants in all fields.  Then I was off for the RU Alumni get together…

Dara Baldwin


One thought on “2010 ASPA Conference – Dara’s Post # 4

  1. The Gloria Hobson Nordin Social Equity Award Luncheon still touches my heart. The Forster Parent Award brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy that ASPA has recognized these outstanding foster parents.

    As a former foster child and soon to be foster parent, my heart was filled with emotion. I spent over 12 years in foster care and I can name the really outstanding foster parents I encountered on one hand, which means that it is very rare to find someone who is willing and able to take other peoples’ children into their homes and care for them and nurture them as if those children were their own. Thank you ASPA.

    Jose Luis Irizarry
    Student Representative, ASPA National Council


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