What’s a Pracademic?

It’s been years since I first heard the term “pracademic” and I’m still no closer to understanding the term.  Is it someone who works, or has worked, in academia and government?  Is it someone who works in government and occasionally teaches as an adjunct?  Is it a professor who also consults for, or serves on, the board of a nonprofit organization?  None of the above?

Multiple members and leaders of ASPA have suggested that ASPA consider specific programming for this segment of our membership. But before we do, it’s important to identify who we are talking about. For that matter, is it a demographic classification or an area of interest?

If you are a self-styled pracademic, please take a moment and let us know what type of programming and services appeal to you.  Is it something we are already doing, not doing at all, or need to be doing better? 

Please respond to this post, or if you prefer, contact me directly at mrankin@aspanet.org.


Matt Rankin
ASPA Deputy Director


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