The Day is off to a Great Start!

The day took off with the Section for Women in Public Administration Breakfast.  The SWPA Breakfast was held this morning and four individuals received awards.  They are as follows:  Frances Burke, Ph.D.; Joan Fiss Bishop Award; Barbara Lewkowitz, MPA; Marcia P. Crowley Award; Patricia Shields, Ph.D.; Rita Mae Kelly Research Award; and Dr. Lotte Bogh Anderson; Julia B. Henderson Award.  The keynote speaker was a special treat because she was the sister of Dr. Patricia Shields, Past Chair of SWPA.  The speaker was Peggy Beltrone, President Exergy Intergrated Systems which is the technology division of one of the largest independently owned renewable energy development companies in the United States.  In addition to the award recipients, scholarships were also provided to Kai-Jo Fu, Rusi Sun, and Sarah Towne.

The day is off to a great start!


One thought on “The Day is off to a Great Start!

  1. I want to thank the wonderful ASPA staff for their assistance to SWPA on the breakfast. Once again, we had a huge turnout and wonderful event. Thank you ASPA staff and volunteers for your help!


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