Special Message to Fellow Public Administrators

This is Masaaki Akagi, the Executive Director of Japan Local Government Center in New York (JLGC-CLAIR, NY), and I am representing for sub-national governments (Prefectures) and municipalities of all Japan in North America.

It has past 9 days since the East Japan Great Earthquake struck Northeastern Japanese Pacific Coast in the afternoon of March 11, 2011.  On this occasion, I would like to convey a special massage to the fellow public administrators.

First, I would like to express the deepest condolence to the families of victims who have passed away.  I would like to also offer comfort to the victims and their families who were hurt and lost their fortune.   For still missing victims, Japanese governments make best efforts to find out them.  Japanese prefectures and municipalities in cooperation with JLGC-CLAIR, NY and CLAIR-Tokyo host Japan Exchange and Teaching assistants (JET) and there are 928 US and Canadian JETs in the devastated area.  We have counted all JETs in the area but 2 US JETs.  We will never give up looking for the missing JETs until we turn the last stone.

Second, I would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for the physical, financial, and moral supports from fellow public administrators all over the world to the disaster.  We shall remember your kindness and compassion forever.

Third, please trust the will and abilities of Japanese public administrators and stand behind them.  Public officials in devastated area; such as Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima Prefectures; have been making best efforts to provide needed services in 24/7 to the victims of this catastrophe equally, whether they are Japanese nationals or foreigners, even though these officials are also disaster victims.  Fire fighters of Tokyo Metropolitan Fire department have been containing the nuclear accident in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, disregarding health hazards by nuclear radiation.  We can and will manage the disaster mitigation, no matter how difficult it is.  I have never heard any report of looting, rioting, and thieves in the area, which are typical atrocities associated with a catastrophe.   Inaccurate information is still found in US media that sensationalizes the disaster.  I hope you to make fair assessment.

Fourth, for her over 3,000 year history, Japan has never failed to revive from catastrophes.  We shall build much better East Japan in a coming decade.  I believe, “THE SUN WILL RISE AGAIN.”

Thank you very much again for your cooperation and understanding and if you have any comment or question, please forward to jlgc@jlgc.org.


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