2012 National Council Nominations Open

ASPA has opened nominations for its 2012 National Council.  Each year at its Annual Conference, ASPA members elect officers to its board of directors, known as the National Council. The National Council oversees and is responsible for the general operation of the organization and the establishment of chapters, sections and other bodies of the organization.

At the 2012 conference to be held in Las Vegas, three positions will become available. These positions are listed below. Members, chapters, sections, and council members are invited to submit their representative of choice for National Council. The deadline for nominations is Aug. 19, 2011.


Vice President – Nominate an individual for vice president by completing the online nomination form.

District Representative – Nominate an individual for vice president by completing the online nomination form.

Student Representative – Nominate an individual for student representative by completing the online nomination form.

To be eligible for the Nation Council, an individual must:

Be a member of the Society and must have been a member for at least one (1) year immediately prior to his/her nomination;

Have his/her residence or principal place of employment in the electoral district from which he/she is nominated and is to stand for election;

Be a member of a chapter within that electoral district.

Nominate someone NOW!


2 thoughts on “2012 National Council Nominations Open

  1. This was also my first ASPA conference and I had the same experience as Bunch-Carr. I found many of the conference topics engaging. I was very motivated after attending many of the workshops as the selected topics sparked ideas and potential resources/methods for furthering my own research interests. I also enjoyed networking with other students, researchers and experts in the field. I am planning to attend the 2013 conference as well.


  2. This was my first ASPA conference. I volunteered so that I could obtain the experience and knowledge of how things run. I found the experience exciting, challenging, and rewarding everyday. I did attend a few sessions which I found to be exhilarating and motivating (ready to practice).
    I met a lot of new professionals and students. They were refreshing to talk to as well as bouncing ideas off of.
    I will be attending future conferences.


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