Celebrating Independence AND Governance

More than 200 years ago, a group of independent-minded and progressive men decided that America should seek independence from Britain. Their goal was to seek independence for the 13 colonies that were already in existence.

The delegates in Philadelphia representing their respective colonies were convinced that the time had arrived for America to start handling its own affairs. And standing up to Big Britain, the Continental Congress  – a predecessor to our more well-known Congress of today –  authorized an army and requested assistance from the states.

This is not an unfamiliar story for many Americans and it comes to mind every year when we celebrate Fourth of July. That beginning was a rich example of a new concept of governance. Unlike Britain where the monarchy and imperialism had been the model of governance, Americans were charting a new course.

In doing so, those delegates of the Continental Congress set the stage for the evolution of the system we know today and that is modeled across the globe.

As we watch partisan gridlock take over our Congress and our states appear mired in a ‘all-for-me’ mindset, we must look back at this historical Congress and wonder ‘what happened?’

Experts may say time, progress and evolution or was it revolution?

ASPA has been watching and has been a constant voice for good governance. We believe that it is important that our leaders demonstrate professionalism and display collaboration in their acts. A time like this seems so far away…

But we are encouraged that a return to the focused, collaborative and professional governance we saw at the Continental Congress will return.

Meanwhile, have a GREAT Fourth of July!


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