Will the Publicpreneurals Please Take Action

You Can Lead the Public Sector!!

By Dr. Wayne Brock

public-administrationlegislationThe political parties search for common ground and maneuver for a way to introduce, discuss and ratify legislative action on multiple issues of public interest. The cry for government reform, change, and cost cutting is loud and clear. Creating reform is not entirely a legislative action, since legislatures create statutes, agencies or authorization focused on services for citizens.  The public administrator is bound by legislation action with administrative rule making for implementation of public programs, determining eligibility criteria and providing services. It is time for the public administrator to lead; become innovative, creative and improve current processes. The public administrator needs knowledge and ability to become a publicpreneurals.

Life in a progressive society is a challenge and is rewarding. Recalling the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus during the pre-Socrates period, related No man steps into the same river twice. Heraclitus recognized the constant and continuous change. Around all of us, change is occurring and to lack recognition is to limit the opportunity to leverage innovation. Society is changing and the ability of public sector leaders to be innovative should not be hindered with reform of administrative process with an entrepreneur spirit.

Public leaders need to gain knowledge and affirm entrapreneural and intrapreneural competencies as a foundation for publicpreneural concepts. Entrepreneurs have existed in society since the creation of communities providing goods and services for others. The competencies refined by Drucker in 1964 and many other guru’s of leadership research continue to be studies in today’s society. http://www.forbes.com/sites/startupviews/2012/06/08/5-essential-qualities-for-entrepreneurial-leadership  Intrapreneurs were first identified in the writing of Gifford Pinchot III in 1985 as persons in many corporations with some of the competencies of entrepreneurs. The public sector has publicpreneurs: a public administrator with the competencies of both entrapreneurs and intrapreneurs.  The chart below summarizes the key competencies of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and publicpreneurs.





Dissatisfied with the Present

Seeks Continuous Improvement

Knowing the Advantage



Ability to Share Vision with Others







Ability to Rally Others


Table 1 – Key Competencies of Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, and Publicpreneurs ©Dr. W. Brock, 2013

The key aspect for the publicpreneurs is to gain the essential knowledge and ability for each of the key competencies listed in Table 1. Having ability in all of the core competencies provides a strong foundation for the public administrator in seeking quality improvement. The publicpreneur uses every opportunity to seek continuous improvement through existing opportunities. As an example, the performance evaluation should not be a grade or tied to a pay raise; the performance evaluation is an opportunity to identify areas for improvement in processes. Publicpreneurs need to engage a transformative process for the improvement process to be successful. Involvement of others in the process improvement and seeking input provides leverage of creativity and innovation from others.

The vast limitations and barriers could be discouraging, thus, the transformative publicpreneur will require flexibility and learning from setbacks and success. There is a need for the public administrators to lead, be innovative, creative, and transform our public entities for continuous improvement.


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