Getting in the Know

By Sarah Ruen Blanchard

Administrators and public policy leaders often have a natural inclination to keep up on “the news” – local, state, national, and international. I’ve compiled my Top Eight sites for getting the latest news on government and policy issues. (Why eight instead of ten? Well, I primarily only use these eight, and they offer more than enough news to satisfy any wonk).

1.       National Public Radio (NPR)

Radio is my preferred news medium because it minimizes exposure to gratuitous and sensationalized content. Public radio offers an unbiased, rich information resource. I enjoy both the national and state affiliate programs. (Unfortunately a longstanding NPR program of particularly high caliber, Talk of the Nation, is soon to be cancelled).

Find it online:,

Find it on Twitter: @nprnews, @totn, @COPublicRadio

2.       The Economist

If your career includes a national or international focus, The Economist offers an unmatched global perspective that rarely disappoints, and offers intriguing, easy-to-read articles.

Find it online:

Find it on Twitter: @TheEconomist

If I didn’t hear it on NPR or read it in The Economist, I probably read it on a Twitter feed.

3.       POLITICO

Whether you’re located in Washington, D.C. or you just have a need to keep up on national politics and legislative happenings, POLITICO is in the know.

Find it online:

Find it on Twitter: @politico

4.       Denver Post

If you don’t follow your local newspaper, you should! Print news may be a dying art form, but the news business is thriving in e-mediums. The Denver Post delivers customized breaking news alerts straight to my inbox every day.

Find it online:

Find it on Twitter: @denverpost

The next two don’t require much explanation – they’re the primary source for all news, but I find their Tweets particularly informative.

5. Reuters

Find it online:

Find it on Twitter: @Reuters

6. Associated Press

Find it online:

Find it on Twitter: @AP

The last two are my go-to sources for energy news.

7.       E&E News

If you work in the energy field, this is the one news subscription service you need to invest in.

Find it online:

Find it on Twitter: @EEPublishing

8.       Bloomberg NEF

Bloomberg acquired New Energy Finance in 2009. I first came in contact with a BNEF reporter in 2011, he was very professional and well-informed and I’ve been following their reporting ever since.

Find it online:

Find it on Twitter: @BloombergNEF

If you decide to pick up any of these Twitter, RSS, HTML, print, or radio news sources, let me know how you like them! Find me on Twitter: @sruenb


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