Holiday Reflection and Action

By Robyn Jay Bage

A room filled with a half-dozen rambunctious children. A turkey—named Harry—so large he has to be wedged in the pan. My Happy-Thanksgiving-Turkey.pngbrother’s plate stacked like Mount Kilimanjaro. My  sister, ‘testing’ the eggnog (homemade), over and over, for no particular reason. Stuffing. (Need I say more?) And yes, Mom cheating at Scrabble.

We all have memories of holidays shared with our families. Some make us laugh, some make us cry. And some we probably wish to forget. But we have them.

Let’s take a moment this holiday to consider all of the people around our country who might not be able to make warm memories, such as those in the Midwest, enduring brutal storms. Folks who are worrying about having a safe place to live. Parents who are choosing between paying bills and buying Christmas presents. Children for whom an overflowing table filled with food is a wish unrealized.

In our contemplation, let’s think  of what we can do to make a difference. Can you make a donation to a local nonprofit, one that serves your friends, and neighbors, and the folks you run in to at the store? Maybe your family can put together a basket to donate to the United Way, to be distributed to a family in need.

Or send a letter to one of our troops overseas. Invite a friend who is alone on the holiday to join you over dinner. Ask a nursing home how you can help the holidays be a little brighter for its residents.No matter the gesture, big or small, the impact will be huge, and you will feel merry.

May your holiday be filled with laughter, joyous new memories, and deep appreciation for all that is good in your lives. Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Hanukkah.


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