Religion or Politics?

By Winnie Eke

There has to be something I am missing. There appears to be many ambiguities when it comes to protecting and helping the poor in our society.

Let us consider the debates on contraception and abortion on one hand and the legislation to help the children they claim deserve to be born. See Congressman Paul Ryan’s 2014 budget. A new controversy in the name of religious freedom appears to be the focal point for those who do not like the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Why would Hobby Lobby, a company that has previously provided insurance to its workers, suddenly sue for its religious freedom?

Does it mean the workers do not have their own religion or must they relinquish their beliefs for the company owners? The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (Act 42 U.S. Code 21B, ) protects free exercise of religion of individuals. Under Oregon v. Smith the RFRA insists that government no longer has to justify burdens as they are incidental.

Hobby Lobby’s argument that the ACA violates its religious freedom appears to be political in view of the Smith ruling. How can a for profit company that employs thousands of people justify depriving them of health care, knowing fully well that their decision or goal will bring an undue burden to their workers?

It is also ironic, if not comical, that Hobby Lobby invests in the companies that make the products that they now object to. I am wondering if they are feeling guilty for not adhering to their own beliefs, or if they want to make a political statement and at the same time make sure that those who could benefit under the ACA will be penalized.

What do you think?


One thought on “Religion or Politics?

  1. There seems to be an abundance of convoluted logic coming out of both sides of this issue. First of all the ACA is a massive intrusion on the rights of individuals, religion not withstanding. It’s time the government started worrying about working in a more efficient manner to deliver the services that the Constitution grants. Why does the left accept a DOJ that handpicks which parts of law to enforce? Why does the President change laws written by and enacted by Congress pertaining to the ACA. The reason there is so much animosity by the public regarding birth control, if one is forced to go against what their belief systems are because the government orders them to, we have gone from a nation of freedoms governed by the people, to a nation governed by the government. There have been many exemptions given to organizations with similar problems with ACA. Maybe it’s time to let
    Congress make the appropriate changes necessary in a law with more flaws than advantages. As far as politicizing the issues, bringing that to the forefront is almost comical in view of the behaviors displayed to get this law passed in the first place.


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