The New Separate and Unequal Access

By Winnie Eke

Eke july 15Like most people in the country and the world, I have come to depend on the Internet for almost all activities, personal and formal. It is worrisome that the only avenue accessible to everyone to access and send information is on the “chopping block.” I am concerned that the Federal Communication Commission is seeking to change Internet usage rules due to a January appeals court ruling that questioned its legal authority to allow unfettered access to all.

A primary concern is that the idea of considering separate communication lines for corporation and private users at commensurate fees equates to separation and unequal access to the Internet access. This type of division continues to work against the middle class and the poor. What happens to providing access to Internet and information to all? We are worried about the achievement gap between the races, yet this ruling may change and add to the inequality and wider achievement gap in the society.

It is time for Congress to act. Economics and party ideology should not always trump morality.

Your thought.


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