Has Innovation From Technology Improved Customer Service?

By Geoff McClennan

How long ago was it that customers could only complain or express gratitude for customer service in person or by mail? Mailing customer surveys was time consuming and expensive due to postal costs.

mclennan 8.21Today, we can tweet, email, post on Facebook and comment on other social media sites about our customer service. Getting recognized for good service is a great feeling and provides the opportunity to share and go viral with great customer service. When the results are not so good, sometimes we don’t hear at all. Or maybe a call is made to someone at a higher level or a hash tag makes the online rounds and then, wow, the project team has to scramble to repair.

Customer surveys are one means to record and evaluate customer feedback. Another means is to ask your client frequently for performance feedback as you provide services, supplies and advice. I even see survey cards in medical offices that offer nominating someone for outstanding service. Sometimes you get praise, at other times none or faint praise. I have seen many email signatures that include a link or Instagram so customer feedback can be instant, ongoing or periodically performed.

Now that we have partially moved out of the office with mobile devices, handhelds and tablets, do we get more frequent client requests and feedback?

It is not unusual to get a call back from an employee who accessed the client request away from the office within the hour. I am of the opinion that current, versus periodic (biannual or annual) feedback from a client is priceless. The “How are we doing” question is encouraged in my organization. Why wait for feedback on a multiple phase project when you can stay informed daily or as often as necessary? Corrective action or change is better applied sooner than later. Does your organization culture encourage service for the universal good via teamwork, accountability and excellence?

Do the mobile devices help with customer service? Do you rely on staff and associates to follow the policy on customer relations? 

Tell us about the best customer care program or policy that you have experienced and what made it unique, effective and outstanding such as the technology and software. Tell us how to fix mistakes or omissions on projects because the public service should and can be superlative.

We can prevent mistakes with a culture of care.


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