Time to Re-litigate Civil Rights?

By Winnie Eke

I wonder if the Supreme Court’s decision to dismantle civil rights voting laws in Shelby v Holder was the prelude to what we have been witnessing in the past several weeks. The speed with which states changed voting laws in the absence of protective preclearance was unprecedented. It appeared the higher court’s decision gave the states the right to suppress minority votes and create legislative bodies that appease one group of people, without representation of others in the communities.

One can argue that we are back to Jim Crow days. How can police officers kill in broad day light and still be unaccountable for their actions? Could this be the impetus for the president of the Cleveland police union to demand apologies for a constitutionally protected right of individual to protest? Are police officers not sworn to protect and serve or is it for a certain group of people? To quote Chinua Achebe “things have fallen apart.”

These new assaults on minority populations, especially African-Americans, are of great concern. The infringements on personal rights, from body searches to police brutality, have created chilling effects on our children and youth who have believed that all people are created equal. It appears our children and youth need re-education on their “abridged” constitutional rights as American citizens.

Was there ever a claim to equal protection granted by the constitution for African-American?

Your thought.


2 thoughts on “Time to Re-litigate Civil Rights?

  1. As an African-American male, it’s startling, sometimes annoying, to learn that this problem is actually becoming news to the public. My fear now is that we begin to make this part of the public discussion, only to involuntarily agree there is nothing we are willing to do about it. If we are experiencing these problems among those in the “less-fortunate” category, what do you think others are experiencing in the “self-improvement” category? Trust me, from experience, it is equally as bad, and altogether extremely unfortunate.


  2. There are ideologues who refuse to incorpoate the facts regarding Shelby vs Holder. The article that was struck down by the Supreme Court was related to 5 states, which leaves 45 states that should be able to inact voting regulations that not only promote voting, but inhibits voter fraud. All of the 5 states that section 4 referred to have improved immensely with record voting that has surpassed demigraphics around the nation. These Southern States historically democrat controlled were the remnants of slavery and voter abuse.
    Requiring potential voters to register and have varifiable identification to vote is beneficial to the integrity of the electorate. Voter fraud should be important to all, especially since there are milions of people in this nation illegally. Maybe if the the DOJ would dutifully enforce immigration laws and not waste it’s time on frivilous Supreme Court challenges some common sense solutions could be met.
    Protecting each vote through proper indentification
    should be a no brainer no matter your political ideology.


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