Are We Really in 2015 or Jim Crow Era?

By Winnie Eke

It is not only shocking but disappointing that so many young people and future leaders are reprising and seem to be enjoying the horrible and inhumane treatment of African-Americans. Is this the beginning of another Jim Crow?

It is equally disheartening to see the very people who are paid to protect everyone target a particular group. The incessant reports of police brutality against African-Americans may be adding to this type of climate. The legal system gives police officers the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately that same courtesy is never given to a Black person, even when s/he is killed.

There is something wrong with a criminal justice system that exonerates police brutality and college fraternities/sororities, but punishes a minority group it has always dehumanized. It is unfortunate that many children who have read about these injustices are now witnessing the horrors that our ancestors endured.

Will this treatment ever end or are we going to continue to pretend that we are in post racial society?

Your thought.


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