Creating Two Americas?

Aaron Byrd and Emily Hager, both writers for The New York Times, speculate that the Supreme Court decision on affordable health care could create “The Two Americas of Health Care.” That is surprising. There have always been two Americas as clearly illustrated by Simon and former democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards.

The Obama administration’s goal is to provide health care for the other half of America and it seems many do not like that. The King v. Burwell case that disputes some provisions of the law shows how some would challenge policy and legislative mandates meant to help those in need.

The two Americas is becoming the norm—from voter restriction mandates in some states, laws that allow discrimination of some groups, unchecked police brutality of minorities and absolute disregard of a woman’s constitutional right to abortion.

How can a society that thrives on the burden of others claim to be civilized?

We have a long way to go to be like other civilized nations.

Your thought!

Submitted by Winnie Eke


One thought on “Creating Two Americas?

  1. This article is nothing more than democrat talking points from a failed administration of identity politics. Maybe after being relegated to the sidelines after the next election democrats will return to their senses by being inclusive and stop talking about it!


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