Does Anyone Care About the Unethical Behavior of Our Politicians?

The recent news about the indictment of a Pennsylvania attorney for perjury and the indictment and charges against a Texas state attorney general for securities fraud make for sad commentary. Politicians are elected to serve. Yet it seems they are using their positions of power to enrich themselves and their families. Such instances cause one to wonder if politicians believe they are above the law. I wonder if taking the oath of the office really matters.

There seems to be no citizen outcry about high level corruption and unethical behavior. However, one reason for the quiet acceptance could be the low threshold of honesty given to the elected officials. As Meredith McGehee sees it, most cities and states see unethical behaviors as part of transactional politics that has been in existence for a long time.

Do our elected officials still need to “grease the elbows” in order to reach consensus on matters that affect citizens?

Politicians can amass incredible wealth at the end of their political career. Their unethical behaviors, while they are still in office, may be due to greed and arrogance. It is time to stop lowering the bar for the politicians and hold them accountable.

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Submitted by Winnie Eke


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