Jim Crow Era Policy in 2015

Unquestionably, many structural and policy constructs have perpetuated Jim Crow laws causing poverty among minorities. This includes segregation in housing, inequality in school funding and location of liquor stores and fast food establishments. However, for a nation that goes to war to liberate people and endorse the removal of tyrannical leaders, it is unfortunate America cannot do the same for its own citizens.

The reversal and dismantling of voting rights laws was gut wrenching. We are now seeing its effects, making it harder for many (including minorities) to vote. Many argue that requiring an identification to vote is necessary. However, some states have made it more difficult by requiring a specific type of identification or government issued identification, such as a driver’s license. However, people who do not work, do not drive or have no need for these types of identification are being punished.

To make matters worse, Alabama recently closed 31 motor vehicle offices, most of them in counties with a high percentage of black residents. This is a blatant disenfranchisement of blacks in Alabama. The state’s rationale? Lack of funds.

The state chose to balance the budget on the backs of those who suffer the most Although the governor back pedaled and decided to open these offices once a month, this will not solve the problem. Why should residents of these counties have to leave their jobs and wait in long lines to get government issued identification? How will they be able to take part in the election process? Why were other county offices not considered for closure?

We must condemn brazen faulty policies that dehumanize some sections of the population and Blacks in particular.

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Submitted by Winnie Eke


One thought on “Jim Crow Era Policy in 2015

  1. In every election cycle since the Johnson’s Great Society we have been hearing how Jim Crow, a Democrat
    held back Blacks in the South. What I ask my Democrat friends, is please move into the modern world, things have changed considerably regarding Equal Voting Rights since Jim Crow. This is no more than another tactic to divide and conquer a particular segment of the population. Democrats have been on the wrong side of Civil Rights since the Klu Klux Klan and through fantasy thinking and repeating a lie for so long they actually believe their own fodder. More Blacks are voting now, than any other period in history. Any serious pundit only need to look up the statistics to find the truth.

    Now for the inconvenience of having a valid ID. How absurd. Democrats would lead you to believe that someone should delivery it to your door. Being part of this great nation requires a little sacrifice. Your sacrifice will guarantee that every vote counted is made by an American Citizen, not an Illegal Alien working the system for a corrupt party, or person. It;s what every citizen should want regardless of party affiliation.


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