Putting the Affordable Care Act Into Action

Evaluating Obamacare: 2010 to Summer 2013 By Ferd Mitchell and Cheryl Mitchell The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was passed by Congress in March, 2010. (FN1) This very complex new law placed urgent and wide-ranging administrative requirements on federal agencies to move ahead with implementation activities.. Within the next few months, the administrative demands rapidly… Read More Putting the Affordable Care Act Into Action

Cuts to Head Start

By Wiha Powell Sequestration! A big word, feared by many, has a huge impact on the American people. On March 1, 2013, cross-the-board federal spending cuts known as sequestration took effect. These automatic spending cuts have been rippling across the country since then, causing effects to many government non-defense discretionary programs. One program that is… Read More Cuts to Head Start

The Public Administrator Challenge: The Agency and Power

It is the time of year for winter graduation at many higher education institutions; a transition from student to alumni. It is also a time for graduates to begin employment, continue with a current position, and become agency leaders. Agency leaders have challenges when looking at the public sector; challenges to personal and professional values… Read More The Public Administrator Challenge: The Agency and Power

What is the Real Definition of “Middle-Class?”

For the past four years and especially during the last presidential election, both President Obama and his running mate, Governor Romney, spoke about rebuilding the middle-class. In speaking on their respective plans to rebuild the middle-class, they each gave their definition. However, the numbers used by both Obama and Romney to define the middle-class may… Read More What is the Real Definition of “Middle-Class?”

State Supreme Court Judges for Sale

The majority of Americans think that corporate contributions only apply to presidential, senate or congressional elections.  However, one of the biggest upsets concerning corporate contributions involves an election that rarely receives attention — the election for judgeships. Since the 1990s, corporations have tightened their grip on the electoral process of judges for state supreme courts.… Read More State Supreme Court Judges for Sale

Meaningful Work

Walking down the hallway of a very large for-profit business, I overheard two senior managers discussing what they perceived as the plight of the cleaning crew. “I could NEVER clean out someone else’s trash can.” “Can you imagine having to CLEAN all the bathrooms in this place? You couldn’t pay me enough!” Although I assume… Read More Meaningful Work