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The ASPA National blog serves as a platform to encourage interactive discussion of public management issues. It aims to highlight the connections between current events and the role of public administrators and to draw parallels between theory and real life situations.

ASPA’s blog publishes every Tuesday and Thursday. Although we maintain a scheduled rotation of bloggers, we do welcome guest posts and contributing writers. We provide the following guidelines:

  • Suggested length for each blog entry is 450 – 600 words.
  • Blog posts must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.
  • Bloggers should attempt, as much as possible, to provide citations and link to original material. Include and/or embed URLs next to the text you would like to hyperlink.
  • If pictures are included, please give photo caption and/or credit.

In addition, we ask that bloggers remain courteous, accurate and transparent in their posts. Only facts that have been verified should be included.

Interested in writing for the ASPA blog?

Please send an email to ASPA Communications Director, Melissa Williams, at

ASPA NATIONAL OFFICE | 1301 Pennsylvania Ave NW | Suite 700 | Washington DC 20004

202-393-7878 (main) | 202-638-4952 (fax) | |

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear ASPA Net,
    I am writing this email to ask permission to use an image that you have used in your blog for online bullying, i require this for a school project i am doing about cyber bullying, this will not be used commercially.


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